Here's a convenient view of the differences between the available editions of World Machine.

Which Edition is right for You?

There are three editions of World Machine available:

Basic Standard Professional
Price FREE $99 USD $249 USD
Max Resolution 513x513 pixels Memory Limited* Memory Limited**
Commercial Use No! Yes Yes
Procedural Terrain X X X
Layout Drawing Tools X X X
Natural Terrain Effects X X X
Texture & Bitmap Support X X X
File Import/Export X X X
Macro Devices X X X
64bit Capable X X
Multithreading 2-core up to 32-core
Multimonitor Support X
Tiled Terrains X
Automation / Scripting X

*32Bit Windows imposes a 2GB memory limitation on World Machine that limits the maxmimum buildable resolution.
**Maximum practical single-file build size limited by available memory. Virtually unlimited world size is possible with tiling.

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