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System Requirements

World Machine requires a Windows-based PC running Windows 2000 or later.

Most systems will be able to run World Machine without issues, however for an optimal experience observe the following system requirements.

A 64bit machine is highly recommended but not required -- World Machine ships with both 32 and 64bit executables.

Recommended System Requirements:

If you have any doubts, simply download and run the Basic Edition to assess if your system meets World Machine's requirements.

What about Mac OS and Linux?

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Get your feet wet with the Basic Edition

Try World Machine risk-free by downloading the Basic Edition! This fully-featured version contains all features and functionality of the Standard Edition, with two restrictions:

Try WM2 Basic Edition!

Within the terms of use above, the Basic Edition is free for unlimited use.

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Purchase World Machine

You can buy World Machine in one of several editions:


World Machine 2.3 Standard Edition
$99 USD
World Machine 2.3 Professional Edition Per-Seat License $249 USD
World Machine 2.3 Professional Edition Site License $1,500 USD

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  • All purchases come with one year of free maintenance, including upgrades to new major editions!
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  • You will receive an email containing installation information and your license within one business day after the order is confirmed.
  • World Machine will be delivered by direct download. You will not receive a physical product.