Download World Machine Basic - Free Terrain Creation

Free Community Edition

Just a few things to know...

Free for non-commercial use

Working on a personal or educational project? You're welcome to use the Basic Edition for as long as you want.

If you want to sell, use in a commercial product, or otherwise profit from a work containing World Machine output you will need to buy one of our full licenses.

Fully featured

This is not a time limited trial.

The only restriction is that you cannot output an asset larger than 1025x1025 pixels.

Otherwise, you have access to everything in the Indie Edition!

Compatible with Windows 7+

World Machine runs natively on a Windows PC.

(Mac/Linux users: No official support is available. However, we've heard good things using Parallels & WINE)

Full of Examples

Use our examples and other content to get started on your own worlds.

Go Further

Purchase a license to further power-up your creation with features like:

  1. High resolution worlds
  2. Faster build times
  3. Tiled asset export
  4. Early access to upcoming features

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