The Story behind World Machine

World Machine is the creation of Stephen Schmitt, company founder and independent software developer. Stephen began research and development on terrain generation solutions as a hobby while studying applied mathematics at the University of Washington. For those interested, here's his story.

"World Machine began in many ways as a happy accident. I was experimenting on tools to improve some of the rather-crude terrain generation tools available at the time for graphic artists and game makers. Eventually I discovered some methods that I found very compelling. As the project grew it acquired more and more fans... and eventually I was able to take the jump and work on World Machine full time. Thanks for your support!"

Stephen resides in the northwest corner of the USA in Seattle, WA. He continues to devote himself to the development of World Machine and computer graphics in general. Besides software development, Stephen also enjoys hiking, skiing, beer brewing, photography, and writing about himself in the 3rd person! Ok, maybe not that last one..

Want to give some feedback?

If you want to drop me a line, send an email over to! It's always great to hear from folks using World Machine.